GRP COMPOSITES offers, besides the production of fiberglass components, also repairs of fiberglass.

A list of our most popular services is available below, but GRP COMPOSITES is not limited to these services. A key benefit when working with us is to use our skills, extensive experience and technology to achieve your individual results, regardless of the type and scope of the project.

Pattern and mold making

GRP COMPOSITES has extensive experience in making models and molds for a wide range of industries.

Manufacture from fiberglass

GRP COMPOSITES has extensive experience in all areas of fiberglass production for a wide range of industries, including transportation, architecture, infrastructure, maritime and automotive.

Modification and repair of fiberglass

The GRP team can repair or modify all fiberglass composite materials. This includes both flat and complex curved surfaces.

Our team has extensive experience in the repair and modification of all types of vessels, including entertainment, commercial and racing ships. We can also help in repairing and modifying exhibition and racing cars, or repairing water slides and other facilities in water parks.