About us

Following the tradition of 20 years of experience, GRP COMPOSITES has taken over the production of fiberglass components in the factory in Moraveč, Vysočina Region.

The original manufacturer was a leading supplier of fiberglass products to reputable boat builders and agricultural machinery. This tradition was marked by the economic crisis in 2008. Production was maintained thanks to the crisis management measures of the previous management. However, the original owners were unable to keep their property. Here comes the beginning of GRP COMPOSITES, where the current owner first bought a production plant and later took over production.

GRP COMPOSITES are always at the forefront of innovation. In 2019, GRP COMPOSITES is investing in new technologies to further develop the plant.

The mission of GRP COMPOSITES is to provide quality, innovative reinforced plastic products that not only meet the needs of our clients, but also satisfy our employees and managers.

You get

Production consultancy

Competetive prices

Reliable delivery on time

Quality manufactory

Postproduction support